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Withdraw money from Limited Paypal account after 180 days

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You should definitely be searching for how to withdraw money from limited paypal account after 180 days if your money has been placed on pending for this long and you have also received an email to withdraw the money from Paypal since you can no longer use their services.

UPDATE: You Can now withdraw from any Countries PayPal account directly to your Nigeria Bank at the Rate of 360/$ Click Here

I render this services and i can help you withdraw money from limited paypal account after 180 days so you can get in touch with me. but before then here’s what you must know.

how to withdraw money from limited paypal account after 180 days

Below are some of the things you need before we can carry out this process.

  • It must be US or UK PayPal account:

    We don’t withdraw from other countries PayPal accounts like UAE, Lesotho, South Africa etc this is because when bank is required, there’s no possibility you can add bank to such PayPal accounts unlike USA and UK.

  • You must have access to withdraw:

    When i mean access to withdraw it means you must have received message to remove your money from Paypal as shown below

    If your PayPal is limited for 180days and it’s been released, you must get this message otherwise it means you can’t withdraw.

  • You need nothing less than $200

    Before we can help you do this service, we demand you have at least $200 in your limited PayPal account. Anything less we might not help on that.

    You may contact us for further inquiries regarding this.

  • We take 50/50

    : For every successful withdrawal we help you run on your limited US or UK PayPal after 180days, we charge 50% of your balance.

    If we withdrew $200 you get $100 paid to your bank while the rest is ours.

If you have more queries and inquiries regarding the above mentioned, you can use the contact details below to get in touch.

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