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UPDATE: You can now withdraw from any paypal account to Nigeria Bank

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For the past 3 Months, i have been looking for a better way to withdraw from UAE, Lesotho, South Africa and other commonly used Africa countries PayPal accounts directly to payoneer or Nigeria Bankand God so kind my search and research yielded a better result (smiles).

UPDATE: You Can now withdraw from any Countries PayPal account directly to your Nigeria Bank at the Rate of 360/$ Click Here

Initially, We all know that if you must withdraw from paypal to payoneer, then you must have a US verified PayPal account connected with your payoneer. Even UK, Germany and others aren’t effective when it comes to linking to payoneer because i have tested them all.

As for UAE, Lesotho, South Africa and others, it’s absolutely impossible linking payoneer or withdrawing to your Nigeria Bank because those countries don’t exist in payoneer global payment section. automatically, there’s no other alternative than having a USA PayPal account.

If you’ve been following my blog you will know the services i render among which we have the USA PayPal making. But recently, i noticed some drastic changes in their security system which made me put on hold making USA PayPal for my clients because I’ve always desired the best for them. Am not the kind that displease my audience to please myself.

The issue goes like this: Formally, after creating US Paypal and having linked payoneer, you can start using it for every transaction. But after a while, even when you’re done creating and linking payoneer, when you receive funds, instead of going to your available balance where you can send to payoneer or to other PayPal users and also use for online shopping, it will be placed on hold bidding you to claim the funds (if you’re familiar with US PayPal you may have noticed this).

Now when you try to Claim the funds to your available balance, they will request for SSN (social Security Number) Which you may not be able to provide unless you’re a USA citizen.

The Good news is that, at this junction you will be able to withdraw the funds to your payoneer but you can’t use them for other transactions. Automatically, it favour only those who may want to get their funds to payoneer and nothing more. But i haven’t done more and more transactions even with the SSN requirements to know what might come up at the end but the little transactions i did even with the Claim button were moved successful to payoneer without issues.

Having noticed the recent changes on USA PayPal accounts, I was curiously looking for a solution whereby the funds in UAE, USA, Lesotho and others can be withdrawn directly to Nigeria bank or converted to payoneer without issues since those PayPal accounts tends to be more reliable, and Secured.

After about 3months+ of Research ,testing and findings, i discovered a better way through which you can conveniently withdraw from your UAE, Lesotho, S.A and other PayPal accounts directly to your Nigeria Bank or to payoneer at the best rate of 360/$. This is just too awesome. I was filled with Happiness upon this discovery. It’s one of the best discoveries of my life so far (i can now feel comfortable using PayPal)

I will Show you how “At the Best Rate”

If you’ve been using PayPal for long you will know that even when you link your card, you won’t get the withdraw to Card option when trying to withdraw your funds. Am sure you’re aware of that.

I will show you a particular Card and how to Acquire this Card. When you link it to your PayPal account you will see the withdraw to Card option. All you need is just select your Card as the payment option and expect your alert in less than 20munites.

Though they usually say more than that but it don’t take long as proclaimed officially on their website. (I have tested it and it comes in less than 20munites)

Below screenshot were the experiment made. You can check them out.

After the above self experiments, i needed to be sure if my discovery didn’t work by fortune so i contacted a good friend and showed him the steps to follow in order to get it done and after testing it, it worked perfectly.

Below was the reply on WhatsApp with the screenshot of his PayPal having the withdraw to Card option after linking up the Card.

After the linking of his Card, i asked him to Do some transactions to be sure it goes well.

Below is the transaction of $25 made.

And here’s the alert from his Bank after the transaction.

The greatest Part is that, The transaction is instant. You don’t even have to wait for 24hrs before you get your money. As soon as your transaction is completed from PayPal, in less than 10 to 20munites, you get your alert.

There are two Cards methods, While the above method show up almost instantly, the second method takes around 24hrs.

Bellow is the withdrawal and alert screenshots. Withdrawn 44$ And PayPal takes their Charge $5 (for every withdrawal you make wither small or big, PayPal always take $5).

From Some Clients


The above is the first Discovered method, while the second method is withdrawing the funds directly to your payoneer bank. I think this is more stressful. Why should i even border about payoneer again when i can withdraw to bank (yes, that’s true) But i just have to show you both method as an alternative to the above card withdrawal.

In this method, i will show you practically “How to withdraw funds from your UAE, Lesotho, South Africa or other PayPal accounts directly to your payoneer with just little charges. (You only spend $8 for any withdrawal you make wither large or small and you will get the money to your payoneer).

The greatest Challenge entrepreneurs and online marketers are facing today in Nigeria is Conveniently converting their PayPal funds to Naira. But today, I have finally found a better solution to this problem and now let’s jolly while we get our PayPal funds in real cash. no more struggle to sell funds leading to been scammed by some internet fraudsters.

Even when you succeed in selling the funds, you might end up getting 250 – 300/$ instead of 360 and if you have the funds in bulk that’s a very big loss from your side. But thank God for the long awaiting discovery

The Bad News: Not everyone Can afford this

Even after reading the whole good news above, the breaking news is ” Not everyone will be able to afford this” Though it’s cheap compared to the importance and relevancies.

The price for this guide is ₦10,000 (not packed in PDF).

After payment i will practically show you steps to go on WhatsApp and you will get it done because it’s as simple as ABC. The charge isn’t because am gonna help you do any set up but because you’re getting a life changing Information.

(The Card is absolutely Free to acquired)

Business Idea: Many people aren’t aware of this information, and as such, they are still busy looking for someone that can trustworthily buy funds from them even at the rate of 250/$ since they have no other option.

You can become a very big exchanger (buying and selling at the best rate) while you make your profit.

Yes: Am also buying at the rate of 250/$ and if you have for sale you can message me. or WhatsApp +2349074502193

Are you interested in learning how to withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your Nigeria Bank or Payoneer at the rate of 360/$? You can message me.

Please, Don’t chat me to ask if am trustworthy or legit (i don’t tolerate that) In addition, the above price is not negotiable.

This is not a guest post from any other author: I the owner of Paypal Nigeria (Kennedy Prosper) made this post and If you cannot trust me,you can go from here without hitting my inbox.

PRICE: ₦10,000

If you cannot afford the above and you still want to get your PayPal funds to Naira at good rate using Some PayPal exchangers order than me, (maybe because my price is too cheap) You can check out below links for help.

Good Day and GoodLuck.

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48 thoughts on “UPDATE: You can now withdraw from any paypal account to Nigeria Bank

  1. God will increase your coast
    I am indeed grateful for your sacrifice and concern towards your fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters

  2. How many day will it take for me to get the card or is it a virtual card? Will it be linked to my nigerian account or i will have to open another bank account.. Me ive been opening different bank account up and down

    1. Am very sure you aren’t opening banks up and down for PayPal sake. You got your reasons known to you. That’s by the way

      The card is a real and physical Card just like every other Card and not a virtual Card.

      It may take 2days to get the card if you didn’t meet it available before your arrival. otherwise you will get it instantly.

  3. Good morning Mr Kennedy. God bless you abundantly for your philanthropy. You will live long. Please I need the guide on how to create a working Nigeria PayPal account without vpn and make money with it.

  4. Hi Kennedy,
    Do I need a means of identification like National ID, International Passport or Drivers licence to get the card? I only have NIMC temporary slip.

  5. Hello Proper, thanks for showing us this. Will the card be shipped to me like that of Payoneer or it is readily available somewhere in Nigeria here.
    My payoneer took a longer time to be delivered, I don’t wanna have such headache again.

  6. This is theft i bought your guide on how to open paypal and i paid for it now you are now charging people on how to transfer it to card for 10,0000. Greedy people rubbish.
    Thats is why services like this will always exclude us
    we always look for ways to extort each other

  7. Hello Sir,Thanks for your hard work.Pls i cant withdraw money through my paypal uae account .I have followed your instructions carefully.What should i do? After linking and confirming my card.No options is available for me to withdraw money to Nigeria Bank Account.Pls Help me out!

      1. You’re just a thief and a greedy thief, trying to extort your fellow Nigerians or Africans. Why charge such ridiculous amount for something that if PayPal gets to know and they block it, will you rectify the account for the person ?
        N10,000???? You must think all of us are yahoo boys/girls!
        Wicked human being!

        1. Thanks for commenting. But this isn’t for all. It’s for whoever wishes.

          And there’s no by force or must get statement in my write up. Skip this page if you aren’t interested and stay in peace instead of bordering yourself with what doesn’t concern you.

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