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A sound Warning to all Paypal Users: He almost lost $1000

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Like i always tell people, Paypal is not a Bank where you can accumulate your funds and withdraw anytime without issues. It may sound like a bank to you but to me PayPal is just for receiving and sending funds but not for accumulation of funds.

UPDATE: You Can now withdraw from any Countries PayPal account directly to your Nigeria Bank at the Rate of 360/$ Click Here

I only wrote this article so that you as an internet marketer, Freelancer, Online hustlers or whatever using PayPal in making transactions in Nigeria and outside Nigeria can learn from this.

Few days ago, A good friend of mine got in touch with a new complaints which i don’t even think I’ve heard or come across before since the first day of using PayPal in making transactions.

How does it Happen?

Oladapo contacted me on WhatsApp that he cannot transfer from his PayPal account to another PayPal account wither as GNS or FNF.

The PayPal is USA account and he was having his Payoneer details already linked to it with the dream of withdrawing the funds directly to his bank here in Nigeria just like many of you think.(linking payoneer to PayPal is a solution)

Let me inform you just in case you aren’t updated. PayPal no longer work with Payoneer and am very sure they did this to reduce spam rate. Can you imaging guys in Nigeria using USA PayPal account and cashing out with Payoneer . my brother that was then and not now again.

The day you try that, even if you succeed in adding it very soon you will receive an email with a sound warning to remove the Card immediately and never to dare add it again or get the account bann for life.(the email message almost made me laugh but it wasn’t funny instead painful).

He has no option but to remove the Payoneer Card and let them be instead of getting the account bann with over $1000 which is a good sum of money.

So he decided to transfer the funds to another PayPal account after removing card so he can use funds peacefully but PayPal says “no” not until he add another USA credit/debit Card i mean real one with his real Identity. here’s where the problem begins.

Since he can’t provide the requirements for getting out the funds but he can purchase with the funds online , We gat to do some experiments to make sure we get out the funds and sure we have made it already .

But here’s my warning to all PayPal users.

Warning to all PayPal Users in Nigeria and Abroad.

Never border adding Your Payoneer Card to your PayPal account because that’s an old trick Payoneer already detected that so many fake USA clients are been masked up with Payoneer Cards, because of this, you will need a working USA card if you must withdraw your earning and that will equally lead you to opening a USA bank account. Am sure you know what that means. (that automatically makes Payoneer independent when it comes to withdrawing PayPal funds)

On the other Hand, i blamed him for leaving such funds in his account because that’s a risk i can never take not even with $200 because i know and i understand what PayPal can do.

Don’t leave huge funds on your PayPal account because PayPal isn’t your Bank account. Instead as soon as you accumulate some funds you sell them of and get the money to your account.

If you want to save successfully go and find an alternative to PayPal not saving all your life there and one day you will just wake up to see that all your work if ruthless. You may end up calling your village witches.

Does that in any means make PayPal Unreliable?

That does not mean you cannot use PayPal successfully, it only meant you have to be wise when using PayPal.

There’s no way we can do online without needing a PayPal account unless you aren’t into real online business since most of the affiliate companies do use PayPal as their payment option suitable for foreigners. therefore we say PayPal still remains the best in term of doing foreign transactions with ease.

Am sure the above advice will help every PayPal user in minimizing the risk of loosing your PayPal funds. If you find it helpful kindly share and tweet us below. Remember to subscribe for more updates on how to manage a successful PayPal account. Feel Free to leave a comment below.

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