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How to Send and Reveive Paypal Funds NationWide without Having a Paypal account in Nigeria - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

How to Send and Reveive Paypal Funds NationWide without Having a Paypal account in Nigeria

Am not surprised you should wandering if there’s any means to receive or send paypal payment without account in Nigeria

I was also wandering about this same question “if i can send PayPal Money without having a registered PayPal account” so i needed to go on research. I wasn’t making this research because i wanted to find solution to myself instead i made the research because i wanted to help a brother here.

Just like you Know , We make PayPal accounts so having a working PayPal account can’t be an issue. However, to those who can’t make PayPal account and who aren’t ready or satisfied to hire our PayPal creation services am sure this resources might is an alternative.

Why You need to send PayPal Paypal Payment (s) without account

On the other hand, some one must be asking “why should i attempt to Receive and send PayPal payment without account? Well let me go back to what i have already mentioned above but this time around i will make it clearer.

Did you know that over 75% of Nigerians who need PayPal accounts for online businesses don’t know how to get it? i mean the real one that can send and receive funds nationwide .

How then can they do business online when over 80% of the foreign affiliate companies do use PayPal as their major payment method.

If your Card is rejected during PayPal verification, it means they are telling you to go get Dollar account which am sure you won’t attempt just because of opening PayPal account.

Having known this, you’re only searching for an alternative to using PayPal account: i mean receive and send paypal payment without account. and am here to tell you it’s very possible but it’s not free

How? (with the help of ?????)

What is ????? and How does it work?

??????? is a PayPal gateway through which you can send and receive funds from foreign companies even without having a registered PayPal account in Nigeria

That sounds very cool hmmm? Am sure it should look good to everyone because am smiling here over this great discovery.

It means Someone out there can just send you Payment via PayPal even when you haven’t registered on PayPal yet and you can easily sell of your funds and get your money in the bank all from the same dashboard. that’s cool and awesome development

Let me quickly Bullet out some functions of this services so you can understand them better.

With the Aid of this service,

  • You can receive PayPal funds nationwide without having a PayPal account
  • You can transfer PayPal funds to any PayPal user without having PayPal account
  • You can Sell your Payment received in PayPal money and Get your Cash in Naira
  • Do shopping with your PayPal Funds(coming Soon?

I can still hear some silent voices like “Can this be real? ” Well i was also wandering like you not until i tested their services. Let me show you some shots before the shots

Why should even doubt if they are real when you know well that we’re in the generation where almost everything is possible.

I already downloaded the App on Google Playstore so i just opened it and login having created an account

Having logged in successfully, Can you now see the whole Menus that make up this App?

Menu Breakdown

  • Send Money: This option allow you to send PayPal funds to other PayPal users right from the funds you already have in your wallet. You can also inter transfer between users of the service.

  • Exchange Paypal: This option allows you can sell your PayPal funds to them while you get paid in Naira. The exchange rate is boldly displayed on the website and App version
  • Become a Vendor: This one helps you to make money as an affiliate referring others to use their services; Selling PayPal funds while you earn some commissions and others. I noticed they just added this function because it wasn’t there when i joined and it’s still under construction from what i can see.
  • Shop For me: This option allows you to buy online with the funds you’ve got in your Wallet: this is also a newly added feature Under construction
  • Activate Shared Virtual PayPal: This will Cost you ₦1000 to activate it and as soon as you activate you will be giving an email address through which you can receive funds anywhere around the Globe and get it funded to your wallet.

    To get instant access and learn what no one has ever told you about paypal before kindly subscribe below.

    That’s my personal virtual email address and each time you send PayPal money to that email i will get it in my wallet. I tested it by sending $1

    After sending, it was credited to my PayPal account in some minutes later. It wasn’t instant service (Take Note) I don’t know if they do it manually but am sharing my experience with you.

  • Activate Dedicated Virtual PayPal: This option makes it possible to Send funds to other PayPal users right from the available funds in your wallet.

    And it will cost you ₦2500 to activate it. If you only activate the first option you will be able to receive and sell your Funds but you can’t send to other PayPal users without this option.

What about Transaction Charges

The normal PayPal charges are apply when sending or receiving funds. They won’t charge you for using their services in this instance.

What about Funding my Wallet?

You can fund your wallet with PayPal funds sent from friends and family to your shared PayPal virtual email address and you can also fund it with Bank transfer or online Payment method.

Why ???? Is preferred over PayPal

Yes we know that having PayPal account is great idea what about using this PayPal alternative don’t you think it’s the best idea especially to PayPal newbies?.

One thing you should note here is: No one is limiting your account but PayPal account is likely to be limited at any point in time especially when you’ve gone against their many policies.

How can i withdraw the my earning

As soon as you have accumulated some earnings on your Wallet, you can just click on the withdraw Option and you will have to inpute the amount you wanna sell.

While they deduct the funds from your wallet the money will be credited to your Bank account which you will have to fill in from your profile section.

Take Note: This isn’t gonna be instant transaction.

Have you been searching for means to receive and send paypal payment without account in Nigeria? then this is an opportunity.

So How do i get to know about this?

You’re paying to learn a new thing which you never think can be possible

Am collecting Just ₦1000 to Let out this hidden secrete to you. Only interested ones should contact me with the details on this website. Carry your money along. Don’t contact me to ask irrelevant questions because i won’t attend to that. Price is not Negotiable.

After payment i will share you their App Download link and the official website link. Keep blazing….. and remain happy because some groups of individuals has bring an end to PayPal problems in Nigeria.

Just Incase you ordered a verified PayPal account which can send and receive funds nationwide from me. You can contact me and i will share you this information for free. Perhaps you may consider using it as a medium for selling your PayPal funds as well.

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