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Paypal Virtual Terminal Review-Buy and sell Paypal funds - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2019

Paypal Virtual Terminal Review-Buy and sell Paypal funds

In this article i will be discussing PayPal virtual terminal review as the best alternative to get your funds from any type of PayPal account without having to link Payoneer.

Like you already know: Currently the whole PayPal exchangers are no longer interested in buying PayPal funds as they are gone weary for reasons i can’t tell and even the interested ones will be giving you hearth breaking Prices per dollar which you won’t be able to cope with.

Without doubt, the best way to withdraw your PayPal funds and get Naira is using USA PayPal account which enables you to link Payoneer bank. this is because you will get your Naira in dollar equivalents but when you use PayPal exchangers or any other alternative you will be getting like 300/$ or 310/$ which is poor compared to the current dollar exchange rate in Nigeria.

However, not everyone is opportuned to Get US PayPal which anables linking Payoneer. Some are using other Africa country PayPal accounts like Lesotho, UAE , Island etc where getting funds in naira becomes very difficult so this article about PayPal virtual terminal review will show you the easiest method to get your PayPal funds in Naira.

PayPal virtual terminal review: Alternative to Payoneer

Let me show you how PayPal virtual terminal can serve as alternative to Payoneer when it comes to withdrawing your PayPal funds in Nigeria from USA or Non USA PayPal accounts.

How does PayPal virtual terminal Works?

Read below note according to their about us page:

On 25th August 2017,VPT became the first independent PayPal Exchanger in Nigeria.

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa with millions of dollars in e-commerce potential and Nigerians that want to take part in online transactions cannot fully use PayPal which is accepted as the only payment method on some websites.

This has become a source of frustration for the Legit people who want to carry out eCommerce online but have no access to this feature.

Today,we have decided to re-create that scenario.

VPT enables Nigerians who are internet marketers and professionals to receive payments, to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments which they can withdraw to their bank.

Today,we have decided to re-create that scenario.

Virtual PayPal Terminal was founded to check mate all these problem and to give anyone the ability to receive PayPal payments, regardless of their location or credit-worthiness.

As one of the most reliable PayPal exchanger in Nigeria,we have expanded our service by introducing the pay 4 me service to include service payment.

Yes, from now on you can ask us to help you make payment for any legitimate services online such as: International Hotel booking, EBay or from Any website.

Other Pay4me service include payment for e-books, subscriptions, Visa fee payment, payment of Tuition for Foreign Universities and exams such as SAT/TOFEL, Pay for medical school and just any legitimate services you can think of. Just name it and we will get it done for you within 48 hours.

Virtual PayPal Terminalensures that your order is paid for through our Paypal Pay for me Service. All payment for Pay for me service by cash deposit at bank.

Check this out

Basically, VPT (virtual PayPal terminal) have four functions listed on their homepage, Sell PayPal funds, buy PayPal funds, Pay for me service, and store payment. you can check out their website here.

All you need to do is register and join VPT and start transactions with ease right from your dashboard.

To get instant access and learn what no one has ever told you about paypal before kindly subscribe below.

Paypal Virtual Terminal registration and Login

PayPal virtual terminal runs on both website and App. so you can go in which ever way you wish but the app will be more convenient. You can download VPT app on google playstore. Search with the keywords VPT and you will see the app.

Register with just three details wither from website or the app.

PayPal virtual terminal review

After that, you can now login your PayPal virtual terminal account with your details to access your unique dashboard.

Right from your dashboard you will see the required links you need to sell your PayPal funds, Buy PayPal funds or do other things as shown below.

All of the menu you see above is the entire performance of PayPal virtual terminal. You can explore them to solve any issue related to you.

If you’re a freelancer, internet marketer etc looking for where to convert your PayPal funds to Naira in Nigeria then you can explore the above services. Before you exit this page kindly share and tweet us below and remember to subscribe for more uodates.


📢You can now withdraw from PayPal directly to Your Nigeria Bank account and get credited at the exchange rate of 365Naira Per Dollar FIND OUT HOW

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