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PayPal temporary hold on Payment-21 Days pending Balance Solution


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Has this common Paypal temporary hold on payment once occurred to you as a PayPal user?

This issue of paypal temporary hold on payment is very common and at the same time very annoying especially when you want to use your PayPal funds immediately after receiving from your customers.

I have been using PayPal of more than 2 – 5 different account from the same country UAE in receiving funds online for the past 3 to four years or so and i had never encountered paypal temporary hold on payment not even for once not until recently when i created another USA PayPal account.

Let me quickly explain what it looks like before discussing in details for those who don’t really understand what we means by paypal temporary hold on payment

What does it Mean by Paypal temporary hold on payment

This is when PayPal officially put on hold the payment received from your customers and during this time of holding your payment, you can neither transfer, or spend the hold funds until it’s been released.

According to PayPal, they gave many official reasons why they always hold some PayPal funds you can read that from their FAQ page here

However, With the recent interviews and finding conducted before writing this article, I noticed somethings which am going to explain in this article.

Paypal temporary hold on payment (It also Happened to me)

Like I’ve mentioned above, i encountered this issue when i created my first USA PayPal Account.

Immediately after setting up and verifying the account with my VISA card, i needed to do some testing to see what’s up so i transfered $1 from my UAE PayPal account

to my newly created USA PayPal account and here’s the message i got after successful transaction.

And incase you couldn’t capture what’s written on the above image, See the text Translation from below blockquote.

Hello Kennedy Prosper,

You received a payment from Kennedy. We’ve placed the money for this transaction on hold because we believe this transaction may involve a higher than usual risk. Providing no issues arise between you and the buyer the funds will be released in the morning of October 20, 2018.

Here are the details:

  • Buyer name: Kennedy
  • Transaction date: September 29,2018
  • Transaction amount: $1.00 USD
  • Your transaction ID: 33M47774V77387109

Want your money sooner? Here’s what you can do to speed things up:

If you used USPS, UPS, or FedEx, provide a valid tracking number. Your money will then be available within 3 days after the tracking status shows as delivered by the courier.

If you use USPS or UPS you can ship your items faster by printing labels with PayPal, and we will upload the tracking information for you. Your money will then be available within 3 days of the tracking status showing as delivered by the carrier.Try PayPal shipping



This Fund was put on PayPal pending balance for exactly 21Days which is the usual fund holding days.

Now see the image when it was released:

I needed to make inquiries why this happens to USA PayPal accounts and why not my UAE accounts and others which i have personally created for my customers?. Ever since I’ve been creating UAE PayPal for clients non of them has laid this complain.

I still Got another compliant from one of this website visitor again and guess what? It was yet another USA PayPal account.

Yes we know PayPal has given many reasons for holding PayPal funds but here’s what i personally think from the research conducted so far.

What i think about Paypal temporary hold on payment

  • Every First Payment received through USA PayPal account via GNS (Goods and services) May be put on hold for 21days. This is because during my interview with some fans, i can say almost all of them using USA PayPal accounts testified of this
  • But when you receive this Payments through FNF (Friends and family) then nothing happens.
  • Therefore i will say, If you want to receive payments from Clients through USA PayPal accounts, It will be advisable you tell them to send you the funds as fnf otherwise expect the funds to hold.

However, If you’re using UAE PayPal account, I can boldly say there’s no fear because i have never experienced this on any of my uae PayPa accounts or the ones created for my clients. I even send them funds immediately after creation and yet nothing happens.

This is a common practice and experience when using USA PayPal accounts in receiving gns Funds.

When your funds are been put on hold they will surely release the funds after 21days but the time delay is really annoying….. Apart From my personal reasons based on my experience, Kindly read other reasons officially stated why PayPal funds are been put on hold. am sure they will help you learn how to avoid payment hold in one way or the other.

Wrapping Up: PayPal Funds on Pending Balance

Please don’t misinterprete the above write-ups. These are just based on my personal experience and not actually the entire reasons for pending your PayPal money.

Have you experienced this issue with your PayPal account? what country PayPal account was it transpired? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section am sure it will help.

As for me, Am Chained to using my Uae PayPal account since it gives me no issues.

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4 thoughts on “PayPal temporary hold on Payment-21 Days pending Balance Solution

  1. Hi this happened to me as well, I needed the funds asap but unfortunately paypal put it on hold. Is there anyway I can do to make it available asap?

  2. Lots folks say do this and do that on various forums to fasten the release of hold Funds but i have discovered there’s virtually nothing to trigger the time duration assigned by PayPal

    The Best way is to wait till the mandated date while they release your funds naturally.

    If you read PayPal fund holding section you will see it there as it was clearly stated that new Paypal accounts must experience this issue especially when transacting huge funds because they assume your account hasn’t gained any authority yet until you have like 10 transactions under you.

    Am sure you understand

  3. Hi Kennedy,
    You have done well in this article.
    In my own opinion, I think it is better to receive some money as GNS on your US Paypal in order to build a strong reputation for the account.
    I received 6 GNS transactions on my UK Paypal and got an email telling me that every GNS payment will no longer be witheld since they are sure about my credibility.
    What do you think?

    1. Whoooo i love this contribution. Thanks so much

      Like you know we cannot know everything about PayPal instead we share our experience to others who are new or who haven’t learnt

      With your point above am sure i have learnt a new thing and every other reader will also learn from it

      Thanks again

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