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Our Paypal Making Terms and Conditions for safety - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

Our Paypal Making Terms and Conditions for safety

Over the years we’ve been helping our clients make successful PayPal accounts and it has always been awesome business satisfying our clients in trust and humility. To whoever we do business with, we always tell you our terms and conditions and if you can’t adhere to them you can look further to working with others whom you’re good with their terms of services.

As a matter of fact, we’ve helped over 2,000 Clients create PayPal accounts in Nigeria which can send and receive funds both with our personal services and our free PayPal making step by step tutorials and we’ve also helped so many others solve PayPal related issues and still counting……

We make PayPal for small and large business owners and it’s a sad thing seeing you loose your money because of unawareness and ignorance that’s why we make sure we tell you how PayPal works before using PayPal in Nigeria.

Our Terms of PayPal Making Services

We are pure Nigerians and our country has been limited from using some certain features on PayPal and since we can’t do without using PayPal on how relevant it’s to Internet marketers, freelancers etc we decided to search for alternative which is using other countries PayPal accounts instead of our home country which has been limited from certain features such as sending money from PayPal to bank and sending money from one PayPal user to another and these are the most powerful features why PayPal still exist of anyone must use them.

In Nigeria today there are three commonly used PayPal accounts which are:

    USA PayPal account
  • UAE (United Arab Emirates) PayPal account
  • S.A (South Africa PayPal account

Looking at all of the above mentioned, you will immediately know we are doing this stuffs illegally since we aren’t citizens. All we cares is “We must use PayPal in Nigeria As we have too many marketers and entrepreneurs in need of them” So no matter how illegal it goes we must always use PayPal in Nigeria as it’s necessary.

What you must Know as a PayPal user and a client.

  • No one is PayPal expert because PayPal is no mans business
  • You can loose your PayPal account at any point in time (Because you aren’t a citizen and you won’t be able to meet up with the demands to unlock your PayPal when limited, Bann or suspended
  • There are always tips to keep your PayPal safe: They can make your PayPal account last as long as you desire
  • We help remove USA PayPal limitations for only our clients whom we have helped in making USA PayPal accounts within the first year (PayPal limitations which might be demanding other documents like bank statement, Proof of address, Photo ID, Phone number verification etc But when it comes to SSN Verification it’s not doable instead you have to leave your account to be limited for 180 days then you can get back your funds.

See the kind of limitations we solve below for USA PayPal users.(self Service Clients only)

Here are the unknown tips to keep your PayPal safe

Am also a big fan of PayPal but i use PayPal wisely that’s why i always avoid their rod of destruction and tears. (We call it PayPal harmer) When this harmer hit your head, it will always shake you from your normal stand unless you’re fortunate not to have big funds in your PayPal account at the moment. read below . but before then here are some of my recent USA PayPal transactions as at the time of updating this policy (January-4-2019). I also use PayPal

As soon as we make your account for you, It can be used even immediately after creating the account but here are the things you need to know.

To get instant access and learn what no one has ever told you about paypal before kindly subscribe below.
  • For UAE, S.A and other Africa account owners who lives here in Nigeria, Always know that the PayPal account you’re having goes with fake details such as mobile number etc that makes it risky but here’s how i make my clients jump over:

    If PayPal ask for mobile number Verification you can always bypass it using this Video Guide

  • Don’t login your PayPal account from other devices unless something happened to your initial device which you were using before (Automatically, don’t give your PayPal account to others to login from different locations)
  • Always Use your PayPal on one device not just any device you see you begin to login from them. E.g if it’s mobile use mobile all through in accessing the PayPal and if it’s PC always use your computer in accessing the PayPal: But at our end , i will recommend you use mobile phone in managing your PayPal account because we create them using mobile devices not PC and always dedicate a separate browser for your PayPal (don’t login from all the browsers in your device) If it’s opera, let it be opera, if it’s UC browser let it be UC, If it’s Puffin browser. always use the same browser in accessing the PayPal account.
  • Create more than one PayPal account if necessary especially when you are doing more transaction every day by day. As a matter of fact, i also use two PayPal accounts (one is USA and the other is UAE) I will show you why it’s necessary
  • On a serious Note: Don’t ever leave $500 in your PayPal account till the next day. and don’t receive or send funds above 500$ at one shot. Here’s how you should go about this if your business has grown so large. Create and manage like three PayPal accounts, Once you receive like 500$ to one you move 300$ one and 200$ to another so when PayPal come in trace of the account that got the fund, all they will meet is Zero Dollar.

    At this point even when PayPal rod hit you, It’s always safe because you have nothing to loose. In one word (Split your PayPal funds once they come in Bulk. Don’t leave them lying in one PayPal account. This is just for security reasons).

  • It’s also advisable you own a US PayPal account which enables you to link your payoneer. With this, you can easily move your funds to payoneer when they comes in.

    This will make it safer because money in your payoneer is always safe to be moved to your home bank anytime you wish (When you have your payoneer connected to your PayPal account, you will always find it easy clearing your funds from PayPal)

  • Last of all, As soon as your account is ready, Login your PayPal account and click on settings, under security settings make sure you set your security questions as this might be of great help in time of trouble (don’t skip this section for any reason).

Note:1 We are not responsible for any PayPal limitations you get apart from what we have listed above (USA PayPal clients) However, if anything happen to your PayPal as a clients you’re free to contact us as we might always be of help. But always be sure you abide with all of the above rules and regulations when using your PayPal account . This will make your account safe from risk.

Note:2 In common, USA PayPal always demand for SSN (social security number) verification when your PayPal account is handling huge funds on daily basics. This is one reason why it’s advisable you deal on fund splitting as this might help when you transact big.

We are always at our services: Helping Nigerians create PayPal accounts and solving PayPal related issues without our power: What type of PayPal account do you want? USA or UAE (We can help you make both accounts at discounted price). Kindly message us using the contact buttons below and get your PayPal account created.

Don’t let the fear of using PayPal make you stop doing online businesses: The above guides will always help you just like it has been of help to our clients and even the man writing this Note:…… if you need proofs you can connect me and i will show you countless of successful transaction on my PayPal accounts. Know your way is the language of the Web.

Good luck and good day

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