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PayPal temporary hold on Payment-21 Days pending Balance Solution - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

PayPal temporary hold on Payment-21 Days pending Balance Solution

Have you experienced PayPal pending balance in your existing or newly Created PayPal account and you’re wandering what’s this PayPal pending balance all about.? In this article, i want to throw more light on this PayPal pending balance issue as i have been getting more queries daily about it, so i just want to solve it for once in benefit to other clients as well.

On a normal Note, When someone send you PayPal money it goes directly to your PayPal balance and immediately you can use the funds to buy online, Send to other users, transfer to your bank etc but in some instances, when you receive funds sent from other PayPal users you will see the funds under pending balance which means you neither use them for buying online, or Sending out to Bank nor other PayPal users. In that case the funds remain useless until it’s been moved from your pending to normal PayPal balance ,only then will your funds be ready for use.

What is PayPal pending Balance and the actual Cause?

UPDATE: Is your money Put on hold and you want it immediately to your available balance! Kindly Follow the steps here

See below screenshot of funds sent to a PayPal user which landed on pending balance. The Available balance remain Zero.

After some time, the money was later moved to PayPal available balance Which means it’s ready for use.

PayPal pending balance usually happen for many reasons but am not going to talk them here instead i will show you the most common reasons why PayPal pending balance happens and possible ways to solve them.

  • PayPal Reputation:

    I can boldly say “Trust is covering over 76% reasons why PayPal put money on pending balance. let me show you what it means.

    As soon as your PayPal account is created, PayPal immediately know the account is new and it have very little reputation because it hasn’t handled much transactions for the main time. Because of this, PayPal do keep a very close eye on your account. So when you receive funds with it, they will have to do a thorough review on the funds before releasing it to your available balance.

    Solution: Once your PayPal account is created, PayPal expect you to do at least 10 successful small transactions (perhaps GNS transactions) before you can then start transacting big. …. It will be better you start with around 10 to 30 Dollars. make transactions of such like 10times before looking forward for bigger transactions to avoid PayPal putting your funds on pending balance too often.

    In one word, When your PayPal account handle more transactions you will no longer experience holding of funds but when your account is new you might experience this when you use them in collecting big funds like 100$ above or even less in most cases.

    Note: That your funds are on pending balance doesn’t mean you won’t get access to them again: PayPal usually put funds on hold either for 24hrs or for 21days. They will email you that your funds will be on review and will be released in 24hrs time after review. In most cases it will be carried over to 21days which is somehow rare.

    But in which ever way it comes, As soon as the assigned date reaches PayPal will email you that your funds are ready for use after which it has been moved to your available balance.

  • PayPal Suspicious activities

    Another main reason why PayPal usually put funds on hold is when the sender or receiver account is suspicious. Let me explain this to you.

    Did you know you can send and receive PayPal funds without verifying your PayPal account? I wrote about that here some times ago.

    Such PayPal users are called unverified PayPal users and PayPal might tag transactions from them as suspicious. So if unverified PayPal user send funds to you, PayPal might need to put the funds on hold. At the same time, if your PayPal account isn’t verified, it also cause PayPal pending balance issue

    Solution: Mind the sources your funds comes from and make sure your PayPal account is verified before using them to avoid pending balance problems.

PayPal pending balance

What i think about Paypal temporary hold on payment

UPDATE: Is your money Put on hold and you want it immediately to your available balance! Kindly Follow the steps here

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  • Every First Payment received through USA PayPal account via GNS (Goods and services) May be put on hold for 21days. This is because during my interview with some fans, i can say almost all of them using USA PayPal accounts testified of this
  • But when you receive this Payments through FNF (Friends and family) Then your funds are likely to show up.
  • Therefore i will say, If you want to receive payments from Clients through USA PayPal accounts, It will be advisable you tell them to send you the funds as fnf otherwise expect the funds to hold.

However, If you’re using UAE PayPal account, I can boldly say there’s no fear because i have never experienced this on any of my uae PayPa accounts or the ones created for my clients. I even send them funds immediately after creation and yet nothing happens. But this is only applied to small funds transactions.

This is a common practice and experience when using USA PayPal accounts in receiving gns Funds but when receiving as FNF you rarely face this issues

When your funds are been put on hold they will surely release the funds after 21days but the time delay is really annoying….. Apart From my personal reasons based on my experience, Kindly read other reasons officially stated why PayPal funds are been put on hold. am sure they will help you learn how to avoid payment hold in one way or the other.

However, If you happens to get your funds stocked on pending balance and you want to use them as soon as possible, You can follow the guide here to get your money to available balance immediately

Wrapping Up: PayPal pending balance problems and solutions

So far, i have explained what it means by PayPal pending balance and causes plus how to solve them. One thing you must know is that, when PayPal pending balance happens, You need not to fear because there’s solution other than waiting.

If PayPal tells you that your funds are going to remain pending for 24hrs just relax and sit back. Once the time reach they will release your funds . Unless you only want to get them immediately as stated here

Same thing applied for 21days pending balance issues. unless you follow the guides stated here to get your money immediately

Please don’t misinterprete the above write-ups. These are just based on my personal experience and not actually the entire reasons for pending your PayPal money.

Have you experienced this issue with your PayPal account? what country PayPal account was it transpired? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section am sure it will help.

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  1. Hi this happened to me as well, I needed the funds asap but unfortunately paypal put it on hold. Is there anyway I can do to make it available asap?

  2. Lots folks say do this and do that on various forums to fasten the release of hold Funds but i have discovered there’s virtually nothing to trigger the time duration assigned by PayPal

    The Best way is to wait till the mandated date while they release your funds naturally.

    If you read PayPal fund holding section you will see it there as it was clearly stated that new Paypal accounts must experience this issue especially when transacting huge funds because they assume your account hasn’t gained any authority yet until you have like 10 transactions under you.

    Am sure you understand

  3. Hi Kennedy,
    You have done well in this article.
    In my own opinion, I think it is better to receive some money as GNS on your US Paypal in order to build a strong reputation for the account.
    I received 6 GNS transactions on my UK Paypal and got an email telling me that every GNS payment will no longer be witheld since they are sure about my credibility.
    What do you think?

    1. Whoooo i love this contribution. Thanks so much

      Like you know we cannot know everything about PayPal instead we share our experience to others who are new or who haven’t learnt

      With your point above am sure i have learnt a new thing and every other reader will also learn from it

      Thanks again

  4. It’s in point of fact a great and useful piece of info.
    I am glad that you simply shared this useful
    information with us. Please keep us up to
    date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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