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Paypal customer service and Contact Details


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Apart from the normal Paypal troubleshooting page, paypal customer service allows you to reach them directly in three different methods which we shall be discussing in this post.

PayPal is also a big company with many customers but one thing about paypal customer service is the fact that they don’t have support based on different countries.

Like many do ask me on daily basics: Do we have Paypal office in Nigeria? but the answer has always remained “no” because Paypal only have one office which is based in USA and through there they manage customers from every part of the world which is not too Good.

It could have been better if every country using PayPal have their own office even if it’s one office in a country. At least if someone in Nigeria have issues with PayPal he or she can just visit PayPal office in Nigeria or call their local customer care number for resolutions.

Did you know you will have to spend good money if you must speak with PayPal customer care on phone here in Nigeria? that’s because you’re making international call which goes with different charges.

However, there’s always need to get in touch with paypal customer service when necessary perhaps to make inquiries or solve PayPal related issues.

In this post i will be showing you the three different ways you can inquire from Paypal and get reply wither slowly or instantly. So if you have been thinking there’s paypal customer service in Nigeria just wipe off that taught because PayPal don’t have office in Nigeria instead you can only contact them internationally.

PayPal customer service and Contact Details

Like i said earlier, apart from paypal troubleshooting you can use three other methods to reach them. Before i continue with the discussion you might also be interested in read online clothing stores which accept PayPal payment method

  • Paypal Email Us:

    You can also Send them email messages anytime and get feedback . Check out the contact page

    The email feedback might not be very fast so it’s better you go with phone calls instead of email messages for instant replies.

  • Paypal Phone Number:

    You can contact Paypal with their official mobile numbers which are: +1 402-517-4519 or +18667536440

    Paypal Customer service hours

    6AM-8PM PT, Monday through Friday and 6AM-6PM PT, Saturday and Sunday

  • Paypal Community Forum

    The PayPal community allow you to submit your PayPal related issues and get answers from other PayPal users worldwide.

    You can join the Paypal forum here while you get answers to your queries.

PayPal customer service and Contact Details

Just in case you’re still asking if there’s any other way to contact PayPal apart from the above “the answer is No”

What about contacting them on Facebook social media? Paypal customer service aren’t active on Facebook instead they will redirect you to drop your queries in their forum. So don’t even border to reach them on Facebook.

If you want to call them from other countries, you can inquire apps to get virtual USA mobile phone numbers or contact me to get you a USA mobile number and you can use it to call them. This will reduce the charges.

You can also Use the phone numbers for other purposes apart from contacting PayPal such as online verification, Opening foreign WhatsApp, Making Receiving international calls, Sending and receiving text messages. etc..

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