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Requirements to open US paypal account in Nigeria 2020 - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

Requirements to open US paypal account in Nigeria 2020

Did you want to open US PayPal Account in Nigeria? Am here to help you out.

Over the years i have been helping my clients create working PayPal Accounts which can send and receive funds worldwide (Both UAE and USA). so if you’ve been searching for the best services to get your USA PayPal Account done then be glad you landed on this page.

With all sincerity, i must tell you i have made over 200 working PayPal Accounts with success stories and my clients are always happy with my services because i render the best PayPal making service so far. Below is the last testimonial as of the time of writing this post (January 1st 2019)

open us PayPal Account in Nigeria

What can i do you? Create a us PayPal Account in Nigeria? OK let me show you how it goes.

Open US PayPal Account in Nigeria

The major reason why people have preferred to open US PayPal over other PayPal accounts is the fact that you can send and receive funds as Friends and family since other PayPal accounts like UAE, lesotho, Island, etc have the option to send and goods and services only which goes with too many annoying changes.

Beside that, Only USA and UK PayPal have the option which enables you to link payoneer and withdraw your funds directly to your local bank in common. This is even the greatest among all why US PayPal is now the hot cake on the internet.

To be sincere with you, If you don’t understand what it takes to open verified USA PayPal in Nigeria you will mess up and end up loosing your account when PayPal come with their limitation problems. But you know what? Am giving you a whole year guarantee.

Let me explain what i mean: Any client i help in creating PayPal Account i always keep their records. If anything happen to the PayPal Account within one year (Limitations) That’s if PayPal freeze your account and ask for verification or any further actions, i will help you solve them without additional charges but if after one year anything happen, You will need to pay some extra charges to get your job done. This is one reason you should be comfortable with my USA PayPal services as you have no fears of loosing your PayPal Account.

Requirements to open US PayPal Account in Nigeria

For all of my clients whom i help in creating USA PayPal Account, below are the things needed from them to get Job done easily.

  • USA Phone number

    The reason why you must have a USA mobile number is because PayPal always ask for this and as a reason many PayPal Accounts has been frozen if you cannot provide a working phone number associated with your PayPal Account.

    I will help you Create USA mobile number which you will use in managing your PayPal Account. You will have full access to this number. You can use it to make calls, Receive calls, Send and receive text messages and also for other online verification purposes such as WhatsApp , Facebook etc.. The number renewal fee is just 720Naira per year (Seven hundred and twenty Naira).

  • USA VPN for accessing PayPal

    One other reason why many PayPal Accounts are frozen is because of wrong IP location. PayPal won’t want to see you login in from different IP from the country associated with your account, they will tag it suspicious and may end up suspending your account.

    You don’t need to worry about this: I will show you an android mobile browser which you will use in managing your PayPal Account (that’s what i and all of my clients do make use of and it’s splendid) This browser will show your location as USA automatically so you don’t need to turn on VPN in order to access your PayPal instead you only need to access the browser and open your PayPal via it when ever you want to login.

  • Working Payoneer Account

    The reason why you need payoneer is already known which is “Linking it to your PayPal so whenever you want to withdraw you can cashout from your USA PayPal Account to your payoneer and then withdraw to your local bank in Nigeria.

    To get instant access and learn what no one has ever told you about paypal before kindly subscribe below.

    If you don’t have Payoneer you don’t need to worry it’s easy to create. you can contact me for guide on how to get one if only you’re in for my services. But if you’ve got your payoneer account then we are good to go: (payoneer Master Card isn’t necessary here) Only your payoneer account is needed.

    We can also use USA virtual Credit card iin verifying your PayPal Account but that won’t help since you can’t withdraw from PayPal to virtual credit Cards. that’s why i have recommended Payoneer over every other method.

  • Your Personal Details

    I will also need your personal details because the PayPal Account will come with your real information such as your real name and email address.

    Please it will be more preferable if you have your name match with the one in your payoneer account. So we can make everything go equally without issues arising..

  • Your Payment

    Just like you already know these services aren’t free. As a matter of fact most people charge nothing less than 20k online which am very sure you’re aware but no no no we have made it very affordable for everyone.

    Let me confess the truth here: Initially i was offering this same service for 3,000 Naira but later moved it to 4k when the demand increased and now the price is 5,000Naira and hopefully i shall be increasing it soon because the demand is still high even with the current price.

    Get yours while it’s still cheap. You will only have to pay 5,000Naira to get all of the above mentioned services done. With this 5,000 Naira you will have a working PayPal Account linked with your payoneer bank verified with your USA phone number which am going to provide for you and the greatest news is that you won’t be accessing with VPN but ordinary mobile browser. isn’t that awesome?

Remember i said: If anything happen to your account like it got frozen within one year of creating the account for you i will also help you solve that limitations without any extra charges so rejoice and be glad you stumbled here.

Open US PayPal Account in Nigeria

To get all of my above mentioned services you can reach me on Facebook or WhatsApp or Email below and i will get back to you asap.

Whatsapp Me

Am waiting for your messages: Note: The price isn’t negotiable for now. I will let you know when the negotiation feature is available but for now it’s turn of.

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