25 thoughts on “How to Open Uae Paypal account in Nigeria: Steps with screenshots

      1. Isn’t just possible to create a business US paypal account and totally prevent all the hassle and unnecessary risks?

  1. Thanks for this men…. Am trying this out right now.. Have been looking for this system for almost one year now……
    Pls can the PayPal be used for eBay dropshipping and can I also used it for payment gateway such as shopify and clickfunnel

  2. Thanks for the article. Was apt and very enlightening.

    For a business PayPal account how do you get an address, since it must be a UAE address. Is it OK to Google any UAE address too?

    1. Yes you can. you will add up to one and after confirmation, You remove Card.

      Leave for some minutes and use for another PayPal account. But in most cases, after using for more accounts, it seize to work especially for virtual Cards

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