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How to Open lesotho paypal account in Nigeria - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

How to Open lesotho paypal account in Nigeria

Searching for How to open lesotho paypal account in Nigeria? I got the guide for you. But before then, read below for better understanding.

There are two available options when it comes to sending payments on paypal. We have the option to send as friends and family and another one to send as goods and services.

While the friends and family payment option charges little or no transaction fee, the goods and services payments takes higher charges.

Apart from the fact that Fnf (friends and family) payments takes little or no charges, They also goes smoothly without placing funds on pending balance unlike Gns (good and services) payments where they place payments received on hold for thorough reviews. Though i wrote about how to get your money from pending balance here you can check it out.

Everyone love using paypal accounts which have both the fnf and Gns feature so you can decide to make or receive payments with which ever means you desire depending on the kind of transaction you want to make. But unfortunately, most countries don’t have both features. Instead, they can only send as Goods and services (gns) e.g UAE paypal account.

Most countries which supports Fnf and gns features are European countries like US, UK, Canada etc which have their own issues if you are using them from Nigeria.
While Most African countries and the likes which gives you breathing space to use them without VPN only have the Goods and services functions unless for few which got both. E.gSouth Africa PayPal, Lesotho etc got both functions.

These two countries above are the most used ones in Nigeria as of today and you might be wondering why you need to choose lesotho over South Africa if your are searching for fnf paypal account which works fine in Nigeria.

The major reason why Lesotho paypal is preferable is because you can withdraw directly to Nigeria bank using my guide here but that same guide don’t work for South Africa and many others. Having gone through all of the above, am going to show you how to open lesotho paypal account in Nigeria free

How To Open Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria

Follow below guide to create verified lesotho paypal account for Sending snd receiving payments worldwide without using VPN.

GOOGLE any lesotho Address, You can use address generator here to get one. When you get your address ready, Use any 8digits as your phone number and now let’s ride on.

Visit, Click on the sign Up button and select your account type as business of personal account. In this tutorial, am creating individual account for Sending, receiving payments and also withdrawing to Nigeria bank.

If you want to create business account, that means you want to integrate it on your online store for selling. That’s when business accounts are required otherwise, personal accounts can serve you better.

From the next page, enter your first and last name as it shows in any if your Nigeria ID cards. Unless you have UAE ID. It can be national ID, Driving license, International passport etc. Enter your email address, Password and continue.

From the next page, Choose your Nationality as Nigeria. Enter your date of birth , select your ID type, Enter your generated address.

You are choosing Nigeria as your nationality so that if anything comes up in the future and they ask for your ID, you can submit the used Nigeria ID.

Choosing Nigeria as your nationality means, You are telling them that you live in lesotho but you are from Nigeria. Therefore you have your Nigeria documents (ID) and bla bla bla.

To get instant access and learn what no one has ever told you about paypal before kindly subscribe below.

Once your details are filled correctly, you can now click on Agree and Create account button to complete your sign up.

Now that your lesotho PayPal registration is done, the next thing is to login your PayPal account, Click on confirm email, and confirm your email address.

After that, Click on Link Bank or Card button from your user panel, select the option to link Card since you can’t link your bank account. Enter your card details and save settings. i mean your Nigeria ATM card (it does work but not all time).

Most cases, Your card might be rejected. When that happens, you may need to try other cards or contact me for virtual cards which cost 3000 Naira😋.

The reason why you need to add and confirm card isn’t because you can’t send snd receive but there are certain limitations you are likely to face without adding and confirming card in your account. Therefore we say, it’s necessary and must do. Until a card is added and confirmed, your PayPal account status remain unverified.

Can i link Payoneer account with Lesotho paypal?

Like i have been saying in almost all of my posts, You can’t add payoneer bank to lesotho or any other country account unless for USA and UK as of now.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t withdraw from your PayPal account because we got a solution for u.

How to withdraw from Lesotho paypal account in Nigeria

The fact that you’re able to add and confirm your card doesn’t mean you can now withdraw to your Nigeria bank. It won’t work out because you won’t see the option.

Like you know, it’s not all about creating your account and receiving payments. Getting your funds in naira and at the best rate matters most.

In many of my posts like the PayPal instant withdrawal method, i talked about how to cashout from PayPal to Naira account. Am sure that’s all you need.

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