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How To Get PayPal API Credentials For Website Integration - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

How To Get PayPal API Credentials For Website Integration

Is your Ecommerce website readily available remaining to integrate PayPal payment method? Then you should be searching for How to Get PayPal API Key.

Without Getting Your PayPal API Key there’s no way to make it possible receiving payment through your website unless you want to integrate payment links directly which is not professional. So if you are finding it difficult getting your payment api documentation this post will walk you through.

How To Get PayPal API Key

Before you search for the key using the steps below, Make sure you are using PayPal business account as these might not be applicable on personal accounts.

Login Your PayPal account using this Link and you will see a page as shown below “NVP/Soap API integration”

Click on Request API credentials as shown above. From the next page make sure you check the option

From the next page you will find your:

  • API username
  • API Password
  • Signature

With the show link next to them. To get details just click on the show button next to each List. Copy details and you are ready for integration.

Integrating Your PayPal API Credentials To WordPress

Once you have those three items, in the WordPress admin go to Downloads β†’ Settings β†’ Payment Gateways β†’ PayPal Standard and you’ll find fields to enter them in.

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With the above steps, You will successfully find your PayPal API credentials for Ecommerce use.

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