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How to ChargeBack on PayPal 2020 - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2020

How to ChargeBack on PayPal 2020

In this article, i will be showing you how to chargeBack on PayPal. And how to raise dispute to get your money back as a buyer who got scammed using PayPal transaction method.

The easiest means to get scammed is via PayPal. Because in most cases, you need to send the funds first before payment (that’s for PayPal funds sellers). After sending funds to the unknown scammers, they end up running away with your money. Many people has loose lots of money through this means and more are still happening even till now. Paypal made everything easy so that you can get your money back when such instances transpired.

Did you buy from someone and after paying with PayPal he or she refuses to deliver the goods? Or delivering fake goods or goods you didn’t pay for? You can use the charge back/ Dispute Future to raise alarm about the transaction status and PayPal will refund your money back to you after thorough Review.

Like you may have known, there are two means of sending payments on PayPal which is via Friends and family or Goods & services. Funds sent as friends and family (FNF) Means you are sending to people whom you already know. Your relatives around the globe, and PayPal assume you already trust them that’s why you send funds to them as friends and family.

Funds sent as Goods and services means you’re paying for something that’s needed to be delivered after payment. It can be digital or physical goods. We do send funds to people as goods and services even when we aren’t buying but to PayPal, they assume you are making payment for an item.

Payments sent as goods and services can easily be charged back if the receiver didn’t comply as promised. As for payment sent via Friends and family feature, am not certain about it, if it can be charged back or disputed because PayPal assume the payment was sent to people whom you already know and trust (they assume your friends and families should be scam free). So am not pointing to that for now as am specifically referring to funds sent as Goods and services.

There’s a slight difference between PayPal charge back and dispute: Here’s what makes the difference.

PayPal Chargeback VS Dispute

PayPal Charge Back can be done when the sender sent the funds directly from their Credit/Debit Cards. But when it’s sent from PayPal balance then dispute is explored.

While PayPal handle Disputes, Your Card issuers handle Chargebacks. When you raise dispute, PayPal will review transaction and refund upon agreement between the two parties.

When You chargeBack on PayPal, Your card issuers review and refund back to your card if the transactions isn’t successful/scam. In this case, PayPal will only stand as the middle man who will be giving your bank transaction details and all necessary materials needed to track your transaction.

By default, that’s the slight difference between PayPal charge back and dispute but we normally know the both as chargeback. So let’s call it just as we know it.

In this article, i will be showing you how to Chargeback On PayPal. with this, you will be able to raise dispute alarm and PayPal will force the defaulter to refund the payment. But before i get started with that , Read this.

If ChargeBack is made, The defaulters PayPal account will be limited pending when the whole issues is solved. At this junction, you cannot make any further transaction unless the case is closed. On the other hand, when disputes are made, You can continue using the PayPal account even till the deal is cleared or while still pending.

How to Chargeback on PayPal (Disputes)

This Tutorial is not written in order to be misused but to help yourself when you get frauded online via PayPal payment.

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Login your PayPal account through which you made the payment. scroll to the transaction history page and click on the Transaction you wanna Charge back.

From the next page, Scroll to the end part you will see the resolution center link as shown below.

There are many reasons why you may want to Charge Back payments on PayPal. Select the reason behind your Chargeback to continue.

how to Charge back on PayPal

After selecting a reason Behind your Charge Back, PayPal will show up the next page for you to contact your seller.

In your Note Area: You can go like ‘ You are a fraudster please refund my money immediately because you didn’t deliver the goods i paid for.

After that, You can hit the Submit Button.

PayPal will leave the case open for 2 to 3days reminding your seller to go resolve the issue. If the seller cannot resolve the issue with you, then PayPal will have to interfere by refunding the money back to you. This may take upto 60days to be completed.

But if Your seller is able to resolve issue, then you can close the case and everything remain settled.

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