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How can i withdraw from Paypal in Nigeria 2018


Let me show You how to create a verified PayPal account that can withdraw directly to your Local bank account: Click Here

The best way to get your earning directly to your bank without issue is connecting your Payoneer bank with your PayPal account but you will need a USA PayPal to be able to do this. However, if you use other Africa countries PayPal account the below guide can be of help.

Is it possible withdraw from paypal in nigeria? if yes how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria Certainly that should be the question which am very sure you want to get an answer to.

We all know that Nigeria PayPal accounts has been limited to buying online, Receiving funds but cannot send out which makes it totally useless for business owners looking forward to make transactions with PayPal in Nigeria.

However, even with the limitations on Nigeria PayPal we can still send and receive funds nationwide with the use of other country Paypal accounts which have the features to send and receive funds internationally.

But after Getting the funds sent to our PayPal accounts, it becomes another issue converting our PayPal funds to Naira.

If you cannot sell your PayPal funds and get Naira directly to your account am sure that doesn’t make sense. Unlike when using USA or UK paypal where we need to only connect our Payoneer account with PayPal and we are done moving our funds to our Bank. This instance don’t work on Africa countries PayPal like Nigeria, Lesotho, South Africa etc.

Since we cannot do that, we gat to find other solutions to help those in questions like “how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria” just to make sure we get our cash in the bank.

I have discussed this topic “how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria” in many of my blog posts but i wanted to talk about it specifically in just one model. am sure you will understand better in this form.

how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria 2018/2019

Let assume i “Kennedy Prosper” has accumulated some PayPal funds here in Nigeria from the normal online hustle and i wanted to exchange them with Naira currency directly to my bank account, here’s how i will go about it.

I can just visit the ijam Exchange website where you can sell all type of E- Currencies including PayPal funds in Nigeria then i clicked on the registration Link

After filling the registration form Correctly, i clicked on the Register Now and having registered and activated successfully i logged in my newly setup account here.

And Now here’s my dashboard.

From my left sideBar, i selected Transactions and am sure you can see the two options which is Buy ecurrency and Sell Ecurrency

I clicked on Sell E- Currency because i want to sell and not Buy. In incase you want to buy you can select the buy option but now we need naira for our PayPal funds.

Having selected the Sell E- currency option, a new page opened where you need to fill in the amount of PayPal funds you want to sell which must not go below $100

Select PayPal as your currency because that’s what you’ve got for sale, fill in your Bank Details through which they will pay you, fill In other necessary Details and submit your Offer.

The next thing is to sit back and wait while they get back to you as per the offer you’ve submitted. It won’t take long and they will contact you. on how to go about your transfer.

While you transfer your PayPal funds to them, you get paid in Naira simple.

Is ijam Exchange Legit?

This is a monetary deal so you did well for asking if ijam Exchange is real or scam.

The truth of the matter is that i have not used them personally not because i don’t earn with PayPal but because am a blogger and i have connections to sell my funds easily on Facebook even when i have over $1k funds.

To those who aren’t fortunate to have this connection you can use ijam Exchange services in converting your PayPal funds to Naira. You have no fear because they are real.

Wandering why i said they are real even when i haven’t tested them? See their official Facebook page here and read all the FACEBOOK reviews from clients here what else do you see than trust

Wrapping Up: how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria 2018

Am sure i have given an answer to your question “how can i withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria” if you find this article helpful kindly share and tweet us below.

Remember you can only sell 100$ and above to Ijam Exchange solution but just in case you’ve got less funds and you want to sell them why not use this social selling method.

Update your Facebook timeline like

I have 20$ PayPal funds for sale: Rate= 330Naira per Dollar. Interested buyers should inbox me

This is exactly how i use in marketing my PayPal funds on social medias like Facebook. am sure that can also help you.

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