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How to Fund PayPal account in Nigeria: Payment in Naira

How to Fund PayPal account in Nigeria: Payment in Naira

How can i fund PayPal account in Nigeria? This is just a question every PayPal beginner must ask in as much as you created your PayPal basically for online transactions and other relevant stuffs.

I have come to understand that no one is the holder or author of Paypal funds since its value equally means money and am sure you know well that someone with 100,000 Naira today might need to lend 20k tomorrow.

In that case, Even those who are always open to getting PayPal funds like Freelancers, Bloggers, Mini Importers, And others who has gotten some forms of online businesses like E-Commerce stores also get to some points where they are badly in need of even the smallest PayPal fund perhaps to make purchase or make payment online and now they are like “How to fund PayPal in Nigeria instead of how to sell PayPal funds in Nigeria which has always been their usual searches.”

What am trying to drive out here is that anyone might be in need of Paypal funds at any point in time and without getting it at appointed time it might not be too good especially when it’s needed for business transactions.

Why even fund Paypal When you’ve got your Card?

This is just a question i expect every newbie to ask. Why should i border so much about funding my PayPal account when i can just add my Credit or Debit card and use my funds directly from my bank.?

Not quite long, I wrote an article about buying of PayPal funds VS using Card payments. where i stated the reasons why it’s more preferably to buy funds than use your credit cards directly.

The whole theme of the matter says: When you buy funds you will save some good money since it’s lower than when you use your card directly “your bank will charge you at Dollar Exchange rate.

30Naira is not too small especially when you’re buying in bulk. If you are supposed to spend 300$ and you linked your Card then your bank Charged you 360Naira/$ and when you buy you get it 320/$ you will know the big differences when you do the maths.

How to Fund PayPal in Nigeria With ease.

Buying of PayPal funds means you have pay someone then the person transfer from his Paypal account to yours depending on how much $$ you wanna purchase.

There are many PayPal sellers online and you can do this simply using your social media like Facebook to sorth out people /friends who have funds for sale.

This won’t be so easy especially when you don’t have in common the type of friends who deal on such stuffs. On the other hand , even when you’ve got some knowing the real ones becomes the main problem.

Am sure you wouldn’t want to pay to someone who will eventually run away with your money without sending funds to you. Neither will anyone send funds to you without payment. Here the problem in buying PayPal funds in Nigeria begins since no one want to get scammed.

Doing official Buying

Meanwhile you can still fund PayPal account in Nigeria using what i called the official method. in this case, you will have to meet with some top PayPal exchangers in Nigeria and they will sell to you.

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But why they aren’t recommended is because they are business men and they are also looking for their gain and that lead to unbearable price of funds. Am sure you know what i mean but if you don’t ” It means their charges are unfriendly and very high ”

Instead of using them, You can use the same method i stated here in my post am sure it’s gonna be helpful. Kindly Check out here.

Wrapping Up: Where to fund PayPal account in Nigeria

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Don’t deal with people you don’t trust when using the social buying method. You can review them first before dealing and if little or no one can vote for them then run far. But for more safety you can use our services.


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