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Does Paypal Work In Nigeria 2019 ?


There have been a whole lots of question regarding PayPal in Nigeria such as “does paypal work in nigeria, Can i send and receive funds with PayPal in Nigeria, Is it possible to withdraw PayPal funds directly to Naira bank which i answered here and many more questions of same categories.

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Am not going to discuss on other aspects that might likely be confusing many newbies but i only want to use this article in Answering the question “Does PayPal work in Nigeria?” And if yes, How does it work?

There’s no doubt PayPal works in Nigeria just like many other Africa countries, only that there are some limitations which will restrict you from seeing certain features that made PayPal worthy to be used. In that case, the company has removed the ingredients from Nigeria PayPal and there’s no more joy in using them even though it can still be accessed.

How does PayPal Work in Nigeria?

Am not writing this article for those who have already learned but am only writing for those who are new to PayPal so they can understand exactly how it works, and that’s why am breaking everything down gradually.

But before i answer the above question, How do you know if you PayPal account is Nigeria or not?

When creating your PayPal account, you’re giving option to select your country. Any country you select during the registration is your PayPal account country.

If your PayPal account is Nigeria, Here are the functions you will likely get based on the official limitations.

You may be able to receive payment wither your PayPal is business or personal account. But if you managed to receive payment without error, the money remains there. You can neither withdraw it, Send it out or use it for online shopping.

Let’s say someone sent you 100$ into your Nigeria PayPal account, Whenever you try to send out, you will keep getting error message that your transaction could not be completed. But if your ATM card is linked to that same PayPal at the moment of sending that money, it will go through but that’s only when you have enough in your bank account associated with the ATM.

In that case, Nigeria PayPal account can only do transactions via your linked ATM cards but can’t use the funds in your PayPal available balance. Even when you have some available PayPal balance, the deduction will be made from your bank leaving your PayPal balance there.

That automatically made it useless for marketers who may want to send and receive PayPal payments worldwide. And that’s the major reason why Internet marketers and entrepreneurs don’t use Nigeria PayPal accounts since it’s limited to only transacting from your bank balance even when you have PayPal money.

Nigeria PayPal account can only be recommended for online shoppers who only want to create account, Link their cards and do online shopping via the money in their bank linked with PayPal.

Has anyone sent money to your Nigeria PayPal account?, am afraid to tell you “There might not be any means to get that money out”.

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Does PayPal Work In Nigeria?

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