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Delivered to Seun Ganiyu: Recently created PayPal account

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For those who are still having doubt like how does it go and how can that be possible. I just captured everything during my work for Seun Ganiyu so that you can see a grasp of how we render our PayPal creation services

UPDATE: You Can now withdraw from any Countries PayPal account directly to your Nigeria Bank at the Rate of 360/$ Click Here

This PayPal account can send and receive funds worldwide and it was delivered to Mr Seun Ganiyu. (Business PayPal Account)

After successfully verification, i just have to remove my Card. here’s the shot.

After removing Card, client insisted i should test it so i needed to send in $1 for a test. Below is the shot. Remember i told you this PayPal is created for seun

Now he’s gonna pay 2,350 Instead of the usual PayPal creation fee which is 2k that’s because i sent him $1 just like he has insisted.

Am sure the above steps will make you understand how it works. In case you need our PayPal services you can Order here or Create one for yourself here

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