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How to Create Custom PayPal payment link for receiving Funds online - PAYPAL NIGERIA 2019

How to Create Custom PayPal payment link for receiving Funds online

There’s no doubt some folks out there are still asking questions like how can i create the PayPal pay me link or paypal payment link for website and social media use?

Have you come in contact with friends using PayPal and when you wanted to make payment to them, Instead of giving you their PayPal email address they said visit this link to make payment and you’re like how is that done? probably because you would want to have your own custom link for website usage and also receiving payment from several options online.

It’s clear the paypal payment link is the most easiest method to get paid online through PayPal method especially for website users. Did you know you can type your email wrongly or even the person who wants to make payment can do this mistake thereby redirecting your payment to another PayPal user with such mail?

With the paypal payment link, such mistakes can’t be seen in as much as your link is customized from your PayPal dashboard.

What’s paypal payment link and how does it work?

Just in case the above explanations are too critical to understand. The PayPal pay me link allow Internet users to visit a custom link created by you from your PayPal dashboard.

And when they make payment through this link, your account get credited automatically since that’s your custom link. In order words i can say it’s Your PayPal account number which you can allot users for receiving payments online.

Here’s my own custom paypal payment link as example: You can click on it to see how it looks if you’re login to your PayPal account already


Am sure you can now tell what’s PayPal pay me link or PayPal custom merchants link. Let’s go further.

In this article, i will be teaching you steps with screenshots on how to Create your own PayPal payment link to start receiving payment online anywhere with just your custom link.

How to Create PayPal payment link for receiving Payment online

I will make this very easy in a way that you won’t need to go about your PayPal dashboard searching for what to click . I have copied the direct link for easy access so follow the below steps carefully.

Click on this Link and you will be redirected to login your PayPal account if you are already logged out before.

As soon as you login with the above link, you will be taken to a new page as shown below.

Click on the Create Link to continue to the next step

Now upload and Crop your image: It can be your personal image or your brand Logo. Any professional looking image at all after that save your settings and a new page will show up.

Now write your PayPal link name. and save your settings by clicking on the Next Button The next page will show as below

Accept their terms and services by checking on the box as seen above then scroll down and hit the next button that you’ve agreed their terms

Be glad because your PayPal custom Payment Link is now set. You can now give your friends your link like,, depending on what you have chosen during the creation process.

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You can still customize your profile by adding a cover photo, Adding location or about yourself and Brand in short description. You can do that from this link

This informations added will show up along with your details when users click on your link to make payment. See below shot i just added a description

After adding my description when users click on my PayPal payment link which is here’s how it will look like.

Check under, Can you see the description i recently added? That’s just how it works.

Wrapping Up: How to Make Customized PayPal payment link

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You can also read my guide on how to transfer funds from one PayPal account to another. am sure this can help as well. and in case you’re asking question like Can i send and receive funds from unverified PayPal account? You can find our answer here

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