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Type of Cards Eligible for paypal verification and how to link them


Even after Creating your PayPal account the verification isn’t complete until you link a debit or credit Card and verify it, only then will your PayPal status Show verified.

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The important of verifying your PayPal account cannot be underestimate even though you can still make use of PayPal without verification as stated here. the side effects are still coming after you sooner or later.

Let me quickly show you some reasons why you need to Verify your PayPal account before using it for transactions.

Why you need to link Card to your PayPal account before use

There’s no two ways to PayPal verification than linking and confirming your Credit or Debit Card. As soon as you’re able to do this, then we say you PayPal account is fully verified and ready for use and your status Goes like”

Until your PayPal account status shows verified, You’re using it at your own risk and below are some of the issues you may likely encounter.

  • Affiliate Problem

    Most of the affiliate companies online required that your PayPal account must be verified before you can request payment with them. below image was a turn down of unverified PayPal user.

    Automatically you cannot get paid from many affiliate sites unless your PayPal is verified.

  • Suspicious Account:

    On a good day PayPal will send you message that your account has been locked out if they start noticing regular transactions when your account isn’t verified. That will mark you a spam.

    To avoid been a spammer and putting your PayPal account to more risk, you will have to make sure your account is verified before usage.

    In addition to the above, you cannot embed and use the payment button on your website when your account is unverified and there’s limit to amount of transactions you can take care of from unverified PayPal account and many more limitations.

  • To make sure your account is verified and ready for use, you only have to link a card to your PayPal account and upon successful verification of your Card, your PayPal is then ready for use. After linking and verifying your Card, even when you decide to remove the Card you’re free to do so but so long your account has been verified you are good to go with transactions even without the availability of linked card.

    In the future if you decide to link another Card, Paypal will no longer ask for verification since it’s done just once..

    What type of Card does PayPal account

    Currently, PayPal only accept four different type of cards for verification which are:

    • Visa Card
    • MasterCard
    • America Express
    • Discover

    If you have other Cards like Verve etc. then you might need to seek for other cards accepted for verification since your card isn’t listed in the category above.

    How to Link a Credit or Debit Card to Verify your PayPal account

    Login to your Paypal Account Using your Paypal Email and Password,Once you Login, Look for and Click on My Paypal, Wallet or any title they seem to name it

    create PayPal account in Nigeria

    Now look up again and you will see 2 in red, Click on it and it will pop out for you, click on Link
    and confirm debit or credit card.

    create PayPal account in Nigeria free

    From the next page, add your Card details and select your Card Type.

    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal

    Having filled in your card derails correctly, select Link Card.

    Now Paypal Will deduct $1.95 or $1 from your bank. This is just to confirm you’re the rightful owner of the account. This money will be refunded back to your account in 24hrs time.

    Having deducted the Above amount, Your bank will send your message with a verification code to verify your PayPal. This usually take 2 – 3 days maximum

    Copy the highlighted 4 digit numbers sent along with your message. as shown below.

    The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the
    transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

    Now login to your Paypal account and click on Confirm my debit or credit card“.

    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal

    Enter your 4digit certification code and click on the option to Confirm Card

    Nigerian Bank Cards that works with PayPal

    Now close the Windows and go back to your Paypal account dashboard and you will see your account status changed to verified.

    adding card to paypal with different name

    Even if the card you added to your PayPal account is having different name from what you have in your PayPal name, it will still work provided you got your verification code correctly.

    One reason why most Card don’t work is because many Nigeria bank issued Cards don’t really work for PayPal verification they keep telling you your card is rejected that you should try another card. Here are some bank Credit or Debit Cards that are likely to work

    Just in case you need quick and easy verification within 10hrs of the day you can refer to our service page here. and we can help you create or verify already made PayPal account.

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