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Buying of Paypal Funds VS linking Your Card Directly which is better?


And you are asking “Why should i even fund my PayPal account when my card can just be Linked and shopping continues”

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There’s no doubt the money in your Bank through Credit or Debit Card can be used for Paypal expenditures but why are people so fond of buying PayPal funds over this method.? i will give you two reasons why buying of PayPal funds remains an option to many but before then let’s play around some little explanations.

What i mean by Paypal Funds

Immediately after creating your PayPal account, it will show Zero Dollar because you don’t have anything in there. At this junction, you can neither make transfers nor Buy online until you fund your account or link a card to it.

Like i said earlier, After linking your Card to verify your PayPal account, even when you remove the card the PayPal remain verified and you can just fund the account anytime and keep using even without card. The Card linked to your PayPal account have two uses.

Why Card linking on Paypal

  • You link card to your PayPal account before it can be fully verified having followed the procedures correctly.
  • You link Card to PayPal so that you can be using the funds directly from your Bank in doing transactions.

Apart from these two main reasons why cards are been linked to PayPal, i see no other use. And mind you, after linking and verifying your PayPal account, you may decide to remove your card and keep on using your PayPal account without card only that you will have to buy PayPal funds since your card is no longer there for transactions.

So which one is better “Buying of PayPal funds or Using your Card to be charged directly from Bank”?

Buying of PayPal funds VS linking Of credit or Debit Cards

Personally, ever since i started using PayPal i can never leave my card on PayPal because it’s useless to me and i will tell you why. Instead i do buy funds online to my PayPal account. See my Facebook post

With the above post i do buy my PayPal funds online with 320Naira Per Dollar. But let me show you the other side.

If you link your Card to your PayPal account, any purchase you make your Bank will charge you around 360Naira Per Dollar isn’t that much??

That’s the main reason why we prefer to buy PayPal funds online instead of linking our Cards. We are only avoiding the Local exchange rate which can be very high.

How then can i buy funds

Even after learning that buying PayPal funds are more affordable, you may still find it difficult to get legitimate fund sellers. as this is the main issue when it comes to buying PayPal funds online. You might get scammed

As for me the only place i do buy and sell PayPal funds is on my Facebook timeline and am sure you sighted the post i made above is from Facebook. let me show you other Posts

So if i want to buy or sell PayPal funds, i only post on my Facebook timeline and that’s all. the next thing i will get my buyers or sellers directly to my inbox.

You can not succeed this way unless you have those who want to sell or buy funds in your friend list. 98% of my Facebook friends are bloggers so am exposed to PayPal funds and they can send to me even before making payment because i have built a trusting reputation online.

If you aren’t exposed to legitimate and affordable PayPal sellers in Nigeria and you want to buy funds, you can Holla me and i will help you fund your account at the rate of 340Naira Per Dollar. Don’t come near if you can’t trust me: Follow my timeline on Facebook am not a scammer.

let me End it Here: wither you want to sell to me or you want to buy from me if you cannot make payment before services then you can go look for other places not me. Perhaps consider using the Charge rate of PayPal exchangers in Nigeria.

Wither You want to buy or sell your available PayPal funds ,you can contact me

Wrapping Up: Linking Card Vs Buying Funds to PayPal account

The above is what you must know about linking your Card to PayPal and funding it from third Party services.

When you link cards to your PayPal account, you will be charged according to the normal exchange rate from your bank but when you buy PayPal funds you can save some $$$

There’s no big deal in the transaction. when you pay, you get the Funds you paid for sent to your PayPal account that’s how it work. Kindly share this post if you find it helpful. and you may consider subscribing for more updates.


📢You can now withdraw from PayPal directly to Your Nigeria Bank account and get credited at the exchange rate of 365Naira Per Dollar


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