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Buy Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria (Send and Receive Payment Worldwide)


Let me show You how to create a verified PayPal account that can withdraw directly to your Local bank account: Click Here

Almost Every international business you venture uses PayPal account as their major payment method. How then can you succeed online without having your own personal PayPal account for transactions and for receiving payments.

The fact that Nigeria has been restricted from been able to send funds via PayPal doesn’t mean we can’t use PayPal account as there are always loopholes to help ourselves.

  • We need PayPal to do Shopping online
  • We need PayPal to Send and receive money from foreign countries
  • We need PayPal for our online stores perhaps as a payment gateway through which clients pay us
  • We need PayPal to received funds from friends and families around
  • You can pay online bills, Recharge your phone, Buy data bundles online using your PayPal funds

Therefore we say, PayPal is a most have online payment system having understood how essential it seem to be.

To those Over Sabi?

I still can’t believe some folks do call my line telling me am charging for what’s supposed to be free hmmm that’s absolutely bullshit because i spent alot to learn it.

Creating a verified and working PayPal account is more than just signing up on which am very sure everyone can do. If creating a working PayPal which can send and receive funds Worldwide is that easy why not go and sign up yourself to see if it will work.

We have our skills of doing this and that’s what you’re paying for and nothing more… Am not reaping your hard earned money instead am rendering a service worth more than what you’re paying…

Let’s not talk that here instead let’s talk about the business which brought you here.

To those who need PayPal accounts for their online Business

Did you need a verified and working PayPal account which can send and receive funds Worldwide here in Nigeria? perhaps to get started with online transactions or receive funds from some affiliate companies You can order our services while we help you get it done with affordable charges.

Over the years we’ve been helping our Clients create and verify PayPal accounts in Nigeria without issues and they are enjoying it. am sure you may also need our services.

Here’s How it Goes

After placing your order for the PayPal account, then we help you create it with your details as per your request.

During the PayPal setup, we use our Dollar Master Card to verify the PayPal account then remove the card upon successful verification. Mind you, After verifying your PayPal account even when card is been removed, PayPal account remain verified for life and it can be used for every online transaction without issues since you account status will for life show as below shot.

You can then start receiving Funds and making transactions with your PayPal account which we do deliver in less than 24hrs after placing order

after Getting the PayPal, you can add your own credit card, you are free to do so since the PayPal ownership has been fully transferred. (PayPal won’t ask for verification again when adding new Cards) since the account has been fully verified already.

NOTICE Due to our kindness in rendering services before Payment, Some dudes took it for granted and have ran away with our money after verifying their account for use. Because of this, we have changed our policy to payment before services as we can no longer harbour the losts.

Can i still send and receive funds without Card?

Very Sure: You can send and receive funds even when there’s no card linked to your PayPal provided it has been verified.

Here’s one of my PayPal accounts: Am using it even when i have removed the Card i used for verification and this PayPal is what i have been using for about 3 years and 2months now.

check out the right hand sidebar you will see some current transactions i have made with this PayPal account

In case you still don’t get it, you can check out my post with the steps i used when rendering this service to one of my Client MR Seun Ganiyu Check out Here to see steps with screenshots

We can also send some funds to your PayPal account immediately after creation for confirmation but you will have to pay additional fee depending on how much you want us to transfer to your newly setup PayPal account

Currently, We are charging just 320/$ if you’re buying PayPal funds from us to test your newly setup PayPal account.

What type of Paypal do we Create?

We make both USA, UK and UAE PayPal accounts specifically

But due to security challenges and many other hints surrounding USA and UK PayPal accounts as a result of IP conflicts, We have decided to find am alternative to our clients By making a PDF guide on how to create a verified USA PayPal account here in Nigeria even without VPN but with a USA IP dedicated mobile browser you can find out here

That will eradicate the change of IP which might go against USA and UK PayPal terms of Usage since you’re going to do it from your own IP which you will be using on regular basics when accessing your PayPal account

But for UAE we can help you create it from our end since IP variety don’t affect united Arab Emirates PayPal accounts like US and UK.

You should only contact us when you need UAE but for USA or UK the EBook stated here is what you need

How can i Order Verified PayPal account

Just drop a WhatsApp or Email message with the below contact details and i will get back to you

WhatsApp only: +2349074502193

You can as well contact me on

You can also use the Contact form

Before getting in touch with us you may decide to make payment. Pay the sum of ₦2000 to the below bank account as that’s what we charge all our clients for PayPal creation services. We made charges very affordable for everyone to enable you own a working PayPal account.

Our Payment was formally ₦1500 but has longed changed the above is the current price and it’s not negotiable.

  • 3823007138
  • Eco bank
  • Kennedy Prosper

You can also order it online: The easy method.

I will advice you get reach us via the contact Details above before making your payment. We deliver your work in less than 24hrs and your account will be ready for use.

NOTICE Due to our kindness in rendering services before Payment, Some dudes took it for granted and have ran away with our money after verifying their account for use. Because of this, we have changed our policy to payment before services as we can no longer harbour the losts.

What about Protecting My PayPal account?

It’s very easy but many still don’t know , so they keep having issues with PayPal. I will send you very few but most essential tips to keep your PayPal account lively. This tips will make PayPal not to block your account, Hold your funds which is normal doings of Paypal.

With them i have my own PayPal account which i have been using for more than 3 years now without issues here’s one of my PayPal email the oldest one ( and it’s still active till today.

What about learning this?

Sure I can teach you how to do it on your own with steps and you will also become a master of it but in this case you won’t pay 2,000 to learn the skill instead you will Pay 3,000naira

The reason is because once you’ve learnt it you can also earn cool cash with it creating working PayPal accounts for others since the demand for working PayPal account is very high knowingly that Nigeria has been limited to not been able to send and receive funds which is bad.

This skill will keep earning you money unless Paypal officially announce and declare that Nigeria has been off limitations only then can this skill expire and fade away since everyone can just signup on PayPal then. well it’s up to you

NOTE: We Don’t Create FNF PayPal accounts we only Make GNS PayPal accounts

Remember we have a complete guide on how to create a working PayPal account here :You may choose to do it yourself.

If you’ve got any question, feel free to chat me up on WhatsApp or any of the above contact Info’s.

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