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Top Websites to Buy Airtime and Data with Paypal Funds


Sometimes you may have abundance of PayPal funds but you neither have money in your bank nor cash to buy airtime or recharge your phone or maybe you are in a location were you can’t easily get vouchers of your desired network so you’re equally searching for How to buy airtime with PayPal funds since that will look more easy and reliable to you and also a good way to spend your PayPal money in Nigeria, Ghana,Kenya,south Africa etc

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In line to buying Airtime, you can also Buy Data Bundle for browsing using your PayPal funds. In that case if your subscription is exhausted and you have some PayPal money then you can easily subscribe your phone using this method.

You can now Buy MTN airtime online using PayPal. You can recharge your airtel Line using PayPal, You can also Topup your Glo and 9mobile network and you can also buy data subscription for all the Nigeria networks using PayPal money.

You don’t only have option to topup Nigerian networks, you can also recharge your friends overseas from over 100+ Countries and pay their bills right from your mobile phone using PayPal funds. so let me show you how.

How to buy Airtime with PayPal funds

In this article i will be showing you top two websites to convert airtime to cash wither in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. With these websites you can buy data, recharge your phone or friends overseas as explained earlier. Follow below steps.

=>Overseas topup

This website is another leading mobile recharge sites which allows you to top up any country of your choice. With this you can recharge your local or international friends using your PayPal funds. You can buy data and credits for all networks such as MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, Glo etc..

To get started, Simple signup at after that login your account.

From your homepage click on Get started, Select the country mobile number you want to recharge. Now enter the mobile number

after you have inserted your number correctly click on GO

Select the network type: MTN, Airtel, 9mobile or Glo. From the next page select the amount you want to recharge. wither credit or data.

Choose your payment method as PayPal and you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Make your payment and as soon as your PayPal balance is deducted you will get your Recharge.

The same thing is applicable when you order for Data subscription.


Recharge is a top leading website where you can buy airtime from over 140 countries around the globe. Are you in USA , China, India, Pakistan , Nigeria, UK, Canada , Ghana, Kenya or other parts of the world looking for how to buy airtime using PayPal funds then Recharge is the best and affordable option for you.

Follow below steps to buy airtime with PayPal funds using Recharge website

Visit Click on the create account button and register.

buy airtime with PayPal funds

Login to your Account and Add any number you would want to topup to your Phone Book

buy airtime with PayPal money

Click on Order infront of the number you wanna recharge. Choose your desirable network e.g Glo, 9mobile/Etisalat, MTN and airtel

Select what you want to topup* As you can see from the menu we have Phone Credits, Bundles and Data. I only want to buy credit so i select the option. After that click on the amount you want to buy.

Confirm the mobile number you would want the credit to be sent to

If your phone number isn’t matched automatically and you’re sure the number is correct just check on the Yes button and continue

From the next option select PayPal as your payment method.

Fill in your billing details: You can just fill in anything it’s not necessary you use correct details as they doesn’t matter here.

When you click on the Pay button you will be redirected to PayPal website.

Just login your PayPal account Complete the payment and the exact amount will be deducted from your PayPal available balance. As soon as your payment is completed your phone will be credit.You can also repeat the same process if you want to buy Data, or network bundles.

In addition to the above, you can also by all network data and airtime top up with PayPal funds from various countries using You can as well check it out.

This tutorial work for every country PayPal e.g Nigeria PayPal account, South Africa PayPal account, Lesotho PayPal account, UK, US, Canada, UAE etc………


📢You can now withdraw from PayPal directly to Your Nigeria Bank account and get credited at the exchange rate of 365Naira Per Dollar


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