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PayPal Nigeria, Author at PAYPAL NIGERIA 2019

How to Get Virtual Card for Paypal verification Online

Back again with another tutorial on How to Get Virtual Cards for PayPal verification. Hope this will be the solution to your findings. Immediately after creating your PayPal account, The next action is linking Your Card or Bank but so sad, almost all the countries…

List Of PayPal Accepted Sites In India

After the initial PayPal Problem in India where users can only request Cheque to get paid, The quest for PayPal Accepted sites in India, Online stores that accept paypal payments in India, Etc Increased drastically because nobody want to leave their funds hanging and unused….

Best Payoneer Exchangers in Nigeria

There are Many Payoneer Exchangers in Nigeria if you are searching for where to sell your payoneer funds having Made some Cents.Without doubt, it has become a difficult task knowing the legit payoneer exchangers in Nigeria because of too many scammers online. Recently, I talked…

Causes Of PayPal Limitations and How To Avoid Them

If you want to learn how to prevent getting suspended or banned on PayPal, you’re going to have first to understand a little bit about how it works. First off, PayPal limits account with suspicious or “high-risk” activity to prevent losses. The way it does…

How To Get PayPal API Credentials For Website Integration

Is your Ecommerce website readily available remaining to integrate PayPal payment method? Then you should be searching for How to Get PayPal API Key. 📢Read Also: How to Link Payoneer Bank with PayPal account Without Getting Your PayPal API Key there’s no way to make…

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